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Kemin Gets Personal … Care


DES MOINES, Iowa—Kemin Industries, a privately-owned bioscience company committed to improving health and nutrition worldwide, launched a new division—Kemin Personal Care. Utilizing the company’s expertise in plant science, Kemin Personal Care has developed natural, plant-based functional and active ingredients for cosmetics, skin, hair and body care product manufacturers.

Kemin Personal Care is led by Kerty Levy, former worldwide vice president of Kemin Industries.  According to Levy, establishing Kemin Personal Care was an easy decision considering the rising consumer demand for natural personal care products, and Kemin’s expertise in plant science and extraction. With a robust portfolio of natural ingredients, already used in food and health supplements, the extension into personal care was a logical next step. 

“Today’s savvy consumers are scrutinizing the ingredients used in personal care products and driving the demand for natural products that are safe, efficacious and sustainable," said Levy. “For years, Kemin scientists have been extracting plant bioactives from rosemary and marigold flowers for use in food and health supplements. These same products, when reformulated, provide a highly effective alternative to the synthetic ingredients used in many personal care products today."

The Kemin Personal Care promise—Natural with Science™—is the foundation for everything the company offers the personal care market. Kemin has a team of scientists dedicated to propagation of specialty plants using conventional plant breeding technologies that yield superior, bioactive molecules.  Kemin research and development scientists take these bioactive molecules and identify how each molecule works and then develops unique formulations for specific applications. It is this process that led to the development of Kemin Personal Care’s superior line of natural functional and active ingredients.

Kemin Personal Care’s functional ingredient line of plant bioactives is formulated specifically to improve the texture, stability, performance and delivery of personal care products. Functional ingredients available from Kemin Personal Care include Speramox™, Rosamox™, and Lysofix™.  Speramox is a natural antioxidant, extracted from spearmint leaves, that maintains color stability of both natural and synthetic colors, as well as prevents oxidative degradation of fats and oils. Rosamox is a natural antioxidant from a proprietary rosemary extract that prevents oxidative degradation of fats and oils.  LysoFix is a natural emulsifier, extracted from soybeans, that keeps oil and water in emulsion.

Kemin Personal Care’s active ingredient line of products offers some of the most heavily researched active ingredients with proven benefits and long standing safety assurances. FloraGLO® Lutein is a natural antioxidant from marigold extract.  When used topically and daily, FloraGLO Lutein demonstrates an increase in skin hydration, lipid content and elasticity, while decreasing skin lipid peroxidation and enhancing photo-protective activity.

In addition to plant-based natural ingredients, Kemin Person Care offers support. From testing of finished products to on-site consulting and regulatory assistance, Kemin Personal Care is dedicated to meeting the needs of customers. 

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