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AAK ~ Lipex® Omega

June 29, 2010 Comments

NEWARK, N.J.—AAK introduced Lipex® Omega, a family of odorless, shelf-stable vegetable oils with nutritive content of polyunsaturated fatty acids for use in skin care product formulations. They are made from refined oil blends rich in tocopherols. Incorporating Lipex Omega oils in the formulation curtails initiation of the oxidation processes, preserves the functionality of essential fatty acids, eliminates odor development and offers greater ease in formulating.

Anti-inflammatory, photo-protective characteristics of the Lipex Omega oils protect and release topical nourishment to soothe and repair aging and stressed skin.  Lipex Omega products can be used as emollients and moisturizers at an inclusion rate of 5 percent or more in the final formulation for applications targeting sensitive skin, baby care, atopic dermatitis or chronic dry skin and within lighter-weight face and eye-care product formulations.       

The family of ready-to-use Lipex Omega oil blends include: Lipex Omega 3/6; Lipex Omega EPO and Lipex Omega Passiflora, which each contain approximately 18 percent essential fatty acids. Each product within the Lipex Omega range is obtained from a distinctive plant source and is optimized for proportions of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids associated with good skin health. 



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