AAK ~ Lipex® Cellect™

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NEWARK, N.J.—Protective Lipex® Cellect™, a natural skin therapy ingredient from AAK, has been formulated with a high content of vegetable-derived phytosterol esters, accelerating the barrier recovery of aged and sensitive skin, and restoring a more youthful and healthy appearance.

Lipex Cellect gently penetrates and nourishes skin cell membranes with essential phytosterol esters to restore membrane elasticity, strength and flexibility. For optimal function, the skin barrier requires a healthy combination of lipids, ceramides and cholesterol to keep the skin in good condition. Aged and sensitive skin is often associated with a reduction of the barrier function due to deficiencies of these vital components. A weakened barrier results in increased water evaporation and enhanced sensitivity to the environment, which accelerates the permeation of chemicals and irritants. 

Therapeutic skin care product formulations made with Lipex Cellect can accelerate the barrier recovery of chronologically aged human skin to counter the damaging effects of diet, environmental stressors and irritants characterized by cell membrane inelasticity or rupture, causing skin flaking, sagging and wrinkle formation. 

Lipex Celect natural intense skin health ingredient is especially well- suited for facial skin treatment products, eye cream, night moisturizing liquids, facial masques, mens’ skin care products and intensive therapy skincare treatments.



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