Capturing Skin's Beauty with Natural-Derived Ingredients

Capturing Skin's Beauty with Naturally Derived Ingredients

A Collage of Botanicals and Herbs
Mother Nature and her offspring provide a plethora of anti-aging options, each with their own unique properties and benefits. From the leaves of evergreens to plant-derived flavanoids and flowers, Yerba maté, quercetin and white peony are just a few of her gifts to skin health.

A Bird's Eye View of Lipids and Oils
The demand for natural ingredient-based cosmeceutical products has led to the development of applications that make use of the beneficial properties of natural-derived lipids and oils, from vegetable oils to essential fatty acids.

Natural and Organic: Recapturing Credibility
Many consumers possess a healthy distrust of natural and organic, as these terms' ambiguity has created confusion for consumers and industry insiders alike; but efficacy, consistency and quality can help restore credibility and further the growth of honest cosmeceutical products.

A Snapshot of Nutricosmetic Ingredients
Despite nutricosmetics' hesitant growth, several ingredients have managed to gain momentum inside the beauty-from-within space. As this category gains more credibility and consumers trust the idea of "beauty they can chew on," these ingredients will only further substantiate this category.