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Ameann DeJohn

Ameann DeJohn is a versatile industry professional with vast, real life business experience and a keen understanding of the skin care business. She is currently an active consultant, author and speaker to the beauty industry, ranging from small start-ups to prominent corporations. Ameann has been featured at national conferences and industry events, held training seminars and has been featured on many major television networks providing commentary, business advice and educational services.


Probiotics in Your Skin Care

Probiotics were originally known for restoring the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract; however they are making their way into our topical skin care products.
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Crossover Supplements for Skin, Hair

Consumers are familiar with and confident in food-and plant-based supplements; therefore, it’s natural to think that if it’s good for the body it must be good for the skin or hair.
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Goat's Milk … The New Skin Care Ingredient

Goat cheese has been around since Hercules but who would thought that goat’s milk would be the new rage in skin care products.
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The Nagoya Protocol

As we continue to source natural exotic ingredients from the far parts of the world, we will need to know more about The Nagoya Protocol.
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Fighting Acne with Antibodies from Eggs

Canada-based IGY Life Sciences Inc. has a patented technology that extracts tasteless, odorless IgY, a type of antibody, from chicken eggs and may beat the fight against P. acnes bacteria.
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Nail Gels? Nope, Water-Based Polishes

Water-based polishes are currently more accessible in a variety of cool colors and trendy packages. These polishes are longer lasting due to an acrylate, film-forming emulsion called SAFE by Interpolymer Corp.
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Vitamin C Stability Generating Innovation

Recent developments in stable vitamin C products have allowed formulators to create more stable forms of these best-selling creams.
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Anti-Aging with Stem Cells

The main goals of using stem cells in skin care is to increase the life of one’s own stem cells, maintain the characteristics of those stem cells and to promote their division to produce new cells and increase the youth of the epidermis.
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Growing New Skin with Stem Cells

Stem cell technology in skin care focuses on plant stem cells, that can help “grow" new skin cells that function like youthful skin.
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Sharing Delivery Systems Info

SupplySide East had some fantastic energy, and the response to the info I shared on delivery systems was amazing.
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