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Regulatory Rundown

The regulatory landscape of the personal care and cosmetic industry is ever changing, as it is a global network of legislation, certifications and standards, and more. To help the industry understand and navigate through the regulatory world, Inside Cosmeceuticals' blog—Regulatory Rundown—will feature monthly insights from industry insiders on all matters legal.


Coping with COPA: CA's Strict Standards for Labeling Cosmetics "Organic"

Consistent with one CEO’s statement—“California is the most difficult state to deal with on all fronts"—California took the idea of regulating the term organic one step further by enacting the California Organic Products Act of 2003 (COPA).
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FDA's Draft Guidance on Nanomaterials in Cosmetics

In late April, FDA issued a draft guidance document—Draft Guidance for Industry: Safety of Nanomaterials in Cosmetic Products. Although FDA has not adopted a formal definition of “nanotechnology," it references the common definition of “the intentional manipulation, manufacture or selection of materials that have at least one dimension in the size range of approximately 1 to 100 nonometers." ...
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Cosmeceutical? An Overview of FDA’s Regulation

It is crucial for manufacturers, importers and distributors of products being marketed as cosmeceuticals in the United States to understand FDA’s very clear position on the term cosmeceuticals—namely, that this word has no meaning under the law, and that any product that purports to do more than function solely as a cosmetic is actually a drug and will be regulated as such.
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Evaluate Now or Litigate Later

Compliance with the laws and regulations enforced by FDA, FTC and other regulatory agencies should always be a primary goal for companies. No company wants to receive a missive from FDA in the form of a warning letter or find out FTC has it opened an investigation.
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New Russian Cosmetic Regulation Coming Soon

New Technical Regulation on the safety of cosmetic products will come into force on July 1, 2012, and will be applicable within the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
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Cosmetics Frame Formulations in the EU

When the Cosmetic Products Regulation EU 1223/2009 comes into force on July 11, 2013, one significant change will be the use of frame formulations for the notification of cosmetic product information.
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PCPC Encourages Personal Care Suppliers to Nominate Ingredients in Canada

The Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) has been helping its members understand the new import requirements for cosmetic ingredient substances regulated under the Canadian Food & Drug Act (F&DA) that may not have been recognized as 'in commerce' in Canada.
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