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Ingredient of the Week: Technico Flor—Natural Fragrances


I first learned about France-based Technico Flor and its two fragrance lines—Nat-Flor and Eco-Label—when I went to China last February for PCHi 2011. Fast forward to June 2012 … After a long conversation with Extracts & Ingredients (E&I; Technico Flor’s U.S. distributor), I was able to fully understand how beneficial these two lines are to the fragrance industry, and here’s how:

What are the two top complaints about natural fragrances? First, they lack complexity and depth. Second, they tend to be allergenic (and, if you want to add a third complaint about fragrance in a general sense, there are usually concerns about its carbon footprint and eco-friendliness). Technico Flor tackled all two (three) of these issues:

Three-Dimensional Aroma Profile. Classic fragrances made with synthetic chemicals usually have a top, middle and bottom fragrance note; but this hasn't been possible using natural fragrances (aka essential oils). Typically they are single-dimensional mixtures of oils that lack multi-level classic aromas. However, the French have concocted a series of natural fragrances with isolates (extracts from natural ingredients (fruits, veggies, etc.)) that have multi-level aroma profiles, expanding the olfactory possibilities of natural fragrances. Think woody or musky or fruity, etc.

Low- to No-Allergens. Fragrance is a known allergen. In fact, one of the largest irritants in personal care products is the fragrance, which makes people more susceptible to allergic reactions. The company tackled this as well, as its fragrances are low- to no-allergens.

Social and Environmental responsibility. First, Technico Flor uses Fair-Traded aroma ingredients (certified through an international organization), sourcing out of parts of Africa, Brazil, Indonesia and Madagascar. They are very hands-on, making one-on-one arrangements with the small growers and the local companies who produce the oils and isolates. The company’s president ardently supports giving something back to these local communities, where, up until now, would only get a few pennies. Second, its Eco-Label range is biodegradable, and is compliant with Europe's environmentally friendly label Eco-Label, meaning it uses compounds developed from processes that reject substances most hazardous to health and the environment. Additionally, it’s Nat-Flor line is ECOCERT certified, made up of natural isolates and solvents. 

“We’ve had good reception from the industry," said David Fondots, VP of sales and marketing, E&I. “Our customers have been niche; but now some of the major players are interested. Indeed, they are more expensive, but as time goes on these will become part of the library of ingredients that formulators are able to use for customers that like low- to no-allergens."

Well, you’ve got our vote.

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