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Ingredient of the Week—DSM: PENTAVITIN®


Dry skin is miserable, to say the least. Midnight episodes of scratching, flaking and stinging skin, applying endless amounts of anti-inch creams—these are just some of the many side effects associated with dry skin; and no matter how much lotion you put on, that dry, taut feeling often never goes away.

Needless to say, I was happy when DSM's re-launch of PENTAVITIN® came across my email because consumers need lotions and creams that work … really work to quench dry skin; but more than that, they want natural, effective options, too; not just steroid creams and such. So as I'm sure you guessed, its moisturizing ingredient was an easy pick for this week's IOTW.

Here's the rundown:

PENTAVITIN is a 100-percent natural, plant-derived ingredient with ECOCERT and NATRUE certification. Its effectiveness is based on its unique composition that's similar to the carbohydrate complex found in human skin, and on its ability to bind to skin.

Results from older in-vitro/in-vivo studies already showed the binding of PENTAVITIN to free amino groups of lysine within the keratin resulted in higher water retention (G. Padberg; J. Soc. Cosmetic Chemists 1972;23:271-279); but new in vivo and gene expression studies have shown it ensures deep hydration, generates a moisture reservoir that lasts for 72 hours, leads to more and better hydrated epidermal cells, and an improved skin barrier via gene stimulation, as well as improvement in skin smoothness and softness, and a reduction in flakiness and itchiness.

The in-vivo deets on PENTAVITIN:

Instant deep hydration

The Moisture Accumulation Test showed PENTAVITIN instantly retained more moisture in the skin than glycerin.

Deep Hydration for 72 hours

1-percent PENTAVITIN reduced dry skin signs by 20 percent after four weeks. After the last treatment the effects of PENTAVITIN lasted 72 hours.

14-Day Hydration

A skin hydration study evaluated using a NOVA DPM 9003 confirmed 5-percent PENTAVITIN outperformed 6-percent glycerin, by nearly 50 percent, on both dry and normal skin after a 14-day application.

Strengthens Skin Barrier Function

1-percent PENTAVITIN improved and strengthened skin barrier function, as shown by the 20-percent reduction in TEWL before and after 20 successive tape strippings after a 28-day application.

Comfortable Skin Feeling, Healthy Skin Appearance Improvements

Consumer panel testing confirmed after two weeks 1-percent PENTAVITIN improved skin softness and smoothness by more than 50 percent, and reduced skin flakiness and itchiness caused by dry skin by more than 50 percent.  

Scratch no more …

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