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Ingredient of the Week: AkzoNobel—Recentia™ CS Plant Serum Fraction


The newest active ingredient we learned about, thanks to NYSCC Supplier's Day, is AkzoNobel's Recentia CS™ Plant Serum Fraction obtained from fresh Camellia sinensis (think tea).

Its plant or marine sources are derived using the company's Zeta Fraction™ technology. Here are a few facts about Zeta Fraction: It's AkzoNobel's approach to plant derived bioactives with the ability to target multiple biological pathways through a single ingredient. However, the most notable differences with Zeta Fraction is first, its natural collection of living plants; and second, the technology enables isolation of bioactive complexes without using external solvents or water added. As many in the personal care industry know, water is the largest waste factor and a major sustainable hurdle companies struggle with; so the less water the better.

Now on the good stuff … Recentia CS' ingredient profile is quite diverse; its bioactive plant fractions have anti-inflammatory (quenches the earliest inflammation messengers, inhibits production of inflammatory signals and later-stage messengers, as well as tissue-damaging enzymes [think COX-2 and MMP-9]), antioxidant (prevents oxidative damage, including sunlight-generated free radicals; high ORAC; and decreases cell peroxide content) and photo-stabilization activity (in sunscreen formulations it reduces UVA protector factor loss by 25 percent after 25 MED irradiation). Good for numerous applications—bath & body, color cosmetics, skin care, lotions, depilatory/shaving, etc.—it also minimizes deterioration of formulation stability, color and odor.

A lot going on here, and we like it. Congrats on IOTW.

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