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A Taste of Beauty Q&A


Inside Cosmeceuticals conducted a Q&A with Natura Bisse regarding its recent partnership with The Spa at The Beverly Wilshire Hotel, in which the two companies teamed up to create a culinary-beauty experiment—A Taste of Beauty—a taste-based spa concept.

IC: What promoted Natura Bisse and the Beverly Wilshire Hotel to team up for a culinary-beauty experiment?

Natura Bisse: We wanted to offer to a unique multi-sensory experience, an invitation to totally escape the world around you and plunge into a luxurious, sublime world that leaves the senses heightened. One of the most important elements in launching this taste-based spa concept was being selective about the partnership, and choosing a partner that fully believes in and is entirely committed to the project. A Taste of Beauty was truly a collaboration, in every sense of the word, between The Spa at The Beverly Wilshire and Natura Bisse.

IC: Tell us about the Taste of Beauty experience. What beauty rituals and culinary fusions are used to deliver these high-end cosmetics?

Natura Bisse: A Taste of Beauty integrates an inter-sensory effect involving the sense of touch—the Spa treatment—followed by the sense of taste at the table. It is a two-part experience (spa and cuisine) that only makes sense when applied together. A Taste of Beauty is a fusion of tastes, aromas, tactile sensations, temperatures and colors.

IC: What specific ingredients are used (in the beauty products and/or the seven courses) that enhance skin health? Ingredients listed below.

 Natura Bisse_Beverly Wilshire Hotel_A Taste of Beauty


IC: Does Chef Gilles Arzur and Natura Bisse think nutricosmetics (aka beauty from within) are the wave of the future? Japanese culture has been merging food and beauty for years. Is the U.S. spa industry the next purveyor of this concept? 

Natura Bisse: Yes. As of 2011, Natura Bisse is focused on high-tech and advanced anti-aging sophisticated formulas, using innovative active ingredients and delivery systems.

Our researchers are currently working on:

  • Product efficacy, anti-aging and additional products targeted to maintaining a youthful appearance
  • Global experiences and beauty rituals that evoke spa experiences.
  • Ingredients linked with sustainability, providing a solid connection to the growing trend of maintaining an ecological balance

IC: Will the seven-course beauty dinner feature a revolving menu or will it consist of the same seven dishes?

Natura Bisse: For now, it will consist of the seven dishes.


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