Foods to ‘Man’ Up Your Skin

Foods to ‘Man’ Up Your Skin

11/5/2009 3:00:00 AM


It’s all too often that skin care products focus more on women, and leave the men and their skin by the wayside. Surprisingly, men have skin, too; so it seems odd they are often left out of the loop. did a feature on good-for-your-skin foods that help dewrinkle, smooth, moisturize and cleanse the skin from the inside out.

From Almonds chock full of vitamin E, good for sun protection; flax seeds full of omega-3s, which are good for fine lines; to sweet potatoes packed with vitamin C for wrinkle reduction; and safflower oil that delivers omega-6 fatty acids, good for moisturizing, what you eat can definitely redefine your skin’s “outlook on life.”





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